Digital Marketing

Deeds Creative creates and optimizes innovative and specifically targeted ad campaigns so you can reach YOUR customers in the places they visit every day anyway - Google, the greater internet, and social media.

Deeds will evaluate your current ad platform, determine the most effective plan to drive traffic to your site, and implement a strategy through Adwords, Google Display Ads, Facebook and Twitter Ads and more.

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a term often used and leveraged in web design, but rarely adequately explained. In essence, SEO is making search engines like your website so they’ll show it to more people.

This is done through paid and unpaid methods, including building up backlinks, employing relevant keywords, running ads, connecting to social media accounts, getting the right visitors to the right page, and generally creating a website that the Google robots can easily understand.

For our websites, we place a heavy emphasis on backlinks, internal linking, and metadata so the site is easily indexed and considered of high value by search engines.

Keyword density is also of high importance when it comes to your content, but it is essential that it is used in such a way that it does not affect readability for your customers. Having a variety of media (pictures, video, etc.) also signals quality to Google, increases your organic ranking, and decreases your bounce rate.

Further, Webflow lets us make websites that are viewed by search engines as responsive, earning you a “mobile-friendly” tag, something hugely important to Google and your customers. It also generates an XML sitemap, which helps Google map website content easier and lets us add more metadata you wouldn’t see on the front end.